Pac-Man is a retro arcade video game, contains features a yellow circular character named Pac-Man, who must navigate through a maze filled with dots while avoiding colorful ghosts.

You will feel nostalgia as soon as you launch Pac Man because it displays the original game’s title screen, which is more than 20 years old. The Pac-Man game was published in 1980. It was developed by Toru Iwatani and Namco. Pac-Man, a spherical, yellow character with a voracious appetite for tiny white dots known as pac-dots, appears in the game. Additionally, you may play the game on full screen on your device.

The objective is to eat all the dots in the maze to advance to the next level. Pac-Man game online also consume power pellets, which temporarily turn the ghosts vulnerable, allowing him to eat them for extra points. The game continues until Pac-Man loses all his lives, and players aim to achieve high scores by clearing levels and consuming as many dots and ghosts as possible.

In the case of brand-new gamers, you take control of the yellow protagonist and move him about the map while he tries to collect every pellet while dodging and fleeing the ghosts. There are unique, larger-than-normal pellets that, for a little moment, turn the ghosts blue and cause them to flee from you. During this time, you can “eat” them for extra points. Once all of the pellets have been gathered, a stage is over.

  • Use the CLASSIC 8-BIT ARCADE MODE to play the original coin-op!
  • In STORY MODE, explore hundreds of unique mazes!
  • New challenges and special power-ups to boost your gameplay
  • In ADVENTURE MODE, finish time-limited themed events to get exclusive skins!
  • In TOURNAMENT MODE, aim for the highest score to move up the leaderboards! With 3 difficulty levels and weekly maze challenges, there’s always something fresh to try!
  • With unlocked customization skins, alter PAC-MAN, the GHOSTS, the joystick, and more.

Wherever you go, enjoy the tough fun and classic arcade action of PAC-MAN game online!

How to Play Pac-Man Game?

Below we mentioned the steps to play the game on our website:

  • Click on the Pac-man Game.
  • Select the level of difficulty if it ask you to select.
  • Once the game start begins, start playing the Doodle Game.
  • The player have to control the Pac-Man who eat all the dotes inside an enclosed maze while avoiding the four colored ghost.
  • To win this game the Pac-Man have top eat the energizers placed near to every corner.
  • Focus on all the opponents and learn the basic strategies to win the game.
  • Each Energizer worth 50 points and first monster worth is 200 points.


How do I play the game?

Using a joystick or the arrow keys, Pac-Man can be controlled in the game. The goal is to make your way through the maze while avoiding the ghosts and eating all the dots. Power pellets can turn the ghosts temporarily blue so that Pac-Man can eat them for bonus points.

Are there different levels in the game?

Yes, there are various levels or boards in game. As you advance, the complexity of each level increases and features a unique maze design. You can keep playing till you run out of lives.

What is the highest possible score in Pac-Man?

In the game, 3,333,360 points is the highest score possible. The only way to get this score is to finish all 256 stages with a perfect score on each one.

What are the different types of ghosts in game?

The four ghosts in Pac-Man game online are named Blinky (red), Pinky (pink), Inky (cyan), and Clyde (orange). Each ghost has a different behavior and movement pattern, making the game more challenging.


Pac-Man is a retro game that had challenging gameplay, memorable characters, and addictive nature have made it a beloved classic among gamers of all ages. Apply your tricks and techniques to win the game and upgrade the strategic skills in games. Over the years, it has maintained its popularity and continues to be celebrated as one of the greatest and most influential games of all time.

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